Please Mind The Gap: Late Evening Train    Cut Out Train tickets on canvas  2011   5”x 4”    SOLD

Please Mind The Gap: Late Evening Train Cut Out Train tickets on canvas 2011 SOLD Bethany Milam

Guy Denning. Chalk & Charcoal drawing on cardboard.

"The girl with the final demand" - Guy Denning, conte and chalk on corrugated packing cardboard

Artist Peter Clark uses found papers as his palette in creating textures and patterns for his elaborate three dimensional collages. He shades with density of print and creates substance and movement with lines plucked from old maps or manuscripts he finds in antique shops.

junkculture: Cutting Edge Artist Peter Clark uses a varied palette of colors, textures and patterns to create elaborate three dimensional collages…

Mark Powell - doodling on envelopes. Stunning.

Mark Powell Drawing on antique envelopes, I like the symbolism of drawing older faces on old envelopes, echoing their age and experiences and journeys. Captivating and emotive!

Shepard Fairey - collage, colour, figure.

Shepard Fairey Mural Created In Collaboration With NYC Kids At World Financial Center

North by Northwest  Vintage film poster by Saul Blass. Screen Print

movie poster North by Northwest Movie Posters Hocus Pocus In the Loop movie poster

Polly Morgan (Morgan's statement on her site: All taxidermied animals are either road casualties or have been donated to the aritst by pet owners and vets after natural or unpreventable deaths.)

Polly Morgan, Systemic Inflammation, Taxidermy and steel, 51 x 44 x 44 in. Photography by Tessa Angus

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