(Glee's Costume Designer has a hair tattoo!  I'm sick of doing my hair everyday.....hmmmm. ) I like it !!!  #hairstyles #tattoos #weirdstuff

Tat's an interesting hairdo! Glee costume designer Lou Eyrich reveals bold new head tattoo at awards ceremony

Glee Costume Designer Lou Eyrich and her hair tattoo. If I ever lose my hair - I will do this


Tattoo design with a combination of flowers and stars in the body of a girl. Star and flower tattoo designs include a.


flowers tattoo ink wash painting style lotus flower tattoo design on the back Leg tattoo, flower tattoo A flower on the back .


7 Amazing New Tattoo Ideas - Feather Tattoo. You may wonder why people choose to ink feather tattoos on their bodies. Feathers of different birds were rich in symbolic meanings in.

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