Pandora musawi

Pandora musawi

Pandora musawi
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Good idea for Halloween makeup

Do you love Venetian Carnevale Masks? Now it's time to learn the history and meaning behind them. Buy a mask yourself before Carnevale.

Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball - Masks, Hats, Costumes, and much more for the Labyrinth.


Carnival of Venice, Italy - magnificent costume and masque

Venice Carnival

The most wonderful gowns and masks were revealed as the clock struck midnight on the last Day of the Dark and the Venichese Carnivale began.

Venetian masks

Masks hide the disorder

Venatian mask- Jess needs this for mardi gras!

Masquerades I by ~fibby-wonderland on deviantART

Venetian masquerade costumes and masks

Powder blue masquerade

Blue Masquerade Outfit with decorative matching owl. Castello De Tullevette Monticello from the House of Thoth

Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival