Could be used as an inspiration. Modern art, floral embroidery, fashion art, black and white photography.

This example of photomontage works well because it is visually interesting and has a lot of contrast. The photo of the woman is in black and white while the photo of the plant is shown in color this contrast makes the image stand out more.

rocio montoya (I need a guide)

Rocío Montoya is a talented photographer, graphic designer and editor from Spain with a love for handmade collages and experimental photography. More collages via Inspiration Now

Contemporary Paper Art with white on white decoupage // Joey Bates: I like the way the artist has created texture with the use of lots of different layers making the piece pop out from the paper.

Fashion Portfolio layout - fashion sketchbook; fashion collage; fashion illustration; fashion design theme development // Louise Nutt

louisenutt — Louise Nutt- Forces of Attraction Final Major.

LAYERS This takes layers of text and colour too far... But this is a good direction Nya Upplagan more on

Nya Upplagan – Swedish magazine about culture and politics

three photos from different parts of the subject's life woven together to make these

three photos from different parts of the subject's life woven together to make these Collage, Suitable for a project called Fragments for GCSE


Une image simple qui devient design et particulière!

Fashion Moodboard - fashion design research for a monochromatic fashion collection // Mary-Emma Brooks

Mood board of images to get the more of the feeling across - mix with mood and lifestyle photos

a color study

kinda like how the top left pic is a whole square pic and has a transparent triangle? idk if it wouldlook clean though // See our TRENDZINE'S moodboard:

Grid containment #phototreatment Think about how you could work over your photos

"PHOTOGRAPHY & GRAPHICS" Architecture & Graphic design: I like the contrast of color + black/white, and the use of drawing over an image.

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