Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

Some great ideas on how to upcycle things you have lying around the house.
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Forget mason jars for a soap dispenser. This is man cave whiskey upcycle.

65 Genius Gift Ideas to Make at Home

Cool idea for a man cave! Jack Daniel's Soap Dispenser, for the man- bathroom. Could also be a cool gift idea in favourite booze bottle.

Lamp from motorcycle headlight

Lamp from Motorcycle Headlight

Repurposed Motorcycle Part Lamps - This Motorcycle Headlight Lamp is an Inventive Upcycled Project. Perfect for Sean's room

Simple yet elegant mail holder!

5 DIY Storage & Organization Ideas-I like this idea for a Christmas card holder decoration.

Tutorial: #DIY Oilcloth Lunch Bags

Oilcloth Crafts: Lunch Bags

Oilcloth Lunch Bag The same oilcloth that covers your kitchen table can transport your children's lunches -- or your own -- in leak-free style. These reusable bags will cut back on waste since they can simply be washed with a damp sponge.

Book Paintings by Ekaterina Panikanova

Artist Ekaterina Panikanova creates densely layered paintings across large spreads of old books and other documents, resulting in artwork that blurs the lines between painting, installation and collage.

Upcycle This! 27 Creative Ways People Recycle Plastic Bottles

Table lamp made from 9 two liter soda bottles // Upcycle This! 27 Creative Ways People Recycle Plastic Bottles

Recycled Bike Part Chandeliers Under a Texas Overpass

Ballroom Luminoso is a series of six chandeliers designed by artists Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock currently installed in San Antonio, Texas. Made from custom made structural steel, custom LEDs and recycled bicycle parts.

Architecture Student Converts Old Bus into Comfy Mobile Home Complete with Repurposed Gym Floor

arch student turns old school bus to modern mobile home. Student Converts Old School Bus to Modern Mobile Cabin

Nerdy jewellery out of #upcycled keyboard keys

Upcycling Keyboard

Upcycling Keyboard in electronics accessories with Upcycled keyboard Jewels Computer Accessories

This plastic is made out of carbon sucked from the air

This plastic is made out of carbon sucked from the air

Cheap plastic made from sequestered carbon from the air. It does take more carbon out of the air than the creation puts in, but more of a 'every bit counts' than a 'this is going to save the world' technology.

Rainbow Pencils Made of Recycled Paper

Kickstarter ideas - Rainbow Pencils Made of Recycled Paper rainbows pencils paper drawing

Folding Chair Do-Over - 6 Ways to Upcycle Your Furniture {The Dirt on Green}

MAKEKIND: Creative DIY projects from graphic designer, Christine Wisnieski - I have an ugly set of folding chairs and a card table that could really use some paint and new fabric!

Knock on Wood – Driftwood Art by Jeffro Uitto {The Dirt on Green}

Un gramo de locura - Arte Driftwood por Jeffro Uitto {The Dirt on Green}

Fallen Tree Bench by Benjamin Graindorge

French designer Benjamin Graindorge has created "FallenTree", a piece of furniture that's half tree, half bench, made of oak wood and a small piece of glass.