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Greg Hughes

Greg Hughes
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covered pergola love the roofing material...let's int he light but keeps the shade.

Outdoor Kitchen - Bar & Patio Cover - Our Little Piece of Paradise., This is our new Outdoor Kitchen & Bar designed by my husband & I - built by my husband with a little help from his brother and our future son-in-law. Our design features a matted qua

Pergola roofing ideas. From canvas panels to motorized beams, creative ways of making more shade.

Layering Up: A lot of pergolas will only have one layer of overhead beams say going in a vertical direction. One way of adding more shade and roofing to the pergola is to add another level of beams this time going in the horizontal direction as

What if there was a place. A place we controlled. A place that provided us Shelter. and Shade. Where we could enjoy the morning Sun. and Relax. What if there…

What if. Arcadia Louvered Roofs saw this at the home and garden show in Austin. Shade Outdoor Living Solutions Amazing how you can have it closed or open when raining! dream a lil dream.

We have the Noah's Tarp 16. We've had it for about 5 years now & love it. It might be getting close to time to replace it.

The Kelty Noah's Tarp 16 is an instant shade. This lightweight, affordable shelter is handy to have aboard for weather protection in a hurry, whether you are traveling over land or over water.