Manny Robertson- Embroidered Metropolis

Edit // sew two portraits together to create a mixed media piece // Manny Robertson- Embroidered Metropolis. ((Each original print is composed of two portraits, one color and one black and white, that have been cut and sewn together by hand.


Animals and people mixed. This gives the bird a sophisticated look with the tea cup and long jacket. The bird looks bright against the faded background and its beak looks like the main stand-out colour among the cooler colours.

<p>Madrid based artist Pablo Thecuadro has some beautiful mixed-media…

Pablo Thecuadro Mixed Media Collages

Illustration/collage by Eleanor Wood from…

Eleanor Wood

'cosmetic surgery' series - alma haser [link to alma haser's website]

Alma Haser prints out portraits of people, folds them into a complex origami shape, places the shape back on top of the face, and re-photographs it in her "Cosmetic Surgery" series. Uncanny valley much?

use of illustration built into the portrait which works well as an overall piece

Magazine Art Portraits

Illustrated Photography - YEN magazine recently did a feature on this diamond in the rough photographer Kelly Thompson and it’s no wonder. This hipster artist d

Fashion Portfolio layout; fashion collage illustration; fashion sketchbook…

20 Amazingly Creative Fashion Collages

cut and paste

This postcard was made for the cut & paste exhibition competition on deviantART.

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