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Grief quotes
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the point is not and will never be to stop the grit that's like stopping the ocean
a dandelion blowing in the wind with a quote below it that reads, i was blessed with a dandelion heart, which is to say
someones gift is a friend you wish you didn't know but that you have to spend time with because love brought them along the party and the party
john mark green quote on white paper with black and white typewriter writing in it
a poem written in blue ink with the words, great isn't just present on the
a quote that reads, i counted the hours then the days then the weeks then the months
an old paper with a quote on it that says, i am only just now understanding
a poem written in pink ink on white paper with the words what people think we grew
an image of the ocean with a quote on it that says, this is griff
an open book with some flowers in the background and writing on it that says loving the gone sara tan