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Pictures of the day: 28 February 2012

A giant panda cub shows off its gymnastics skills by hanging upside down from a tree, while also sticking out its tongue. Photographer Mitsuaki Iwago captured the scene at the Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichuan, China.

Thistledown Velvet Ant (aka Cow Killer)

Pictures of the day: 23 March 2012

A Thistledown Velvet Ant, also known as a Cow Killer, is seen in the Mojave Desert, California. This unusual insect is not really an ant, but a female wasp. Photographer Robert JensenThe female wasp (about long) has

The knitted Olympics left on an English seaside pier by a mystery knitter.

London 2012: mystery knitter leaves Olympics-themed knitted figures on pier

Suzy Lelivre, Usage unique | 2004

while not technically edible, this art piece "oeuvres" by Paris paris based designer Suzy Lelievre does make us wanna break out the pasta machine and get crankin.

Seo Young Deok’s Bicycle Chain Sculptures

Seo Young Deok's Incredible Chain Sculptures

★ ✯✦⊱ ❤️ ⊰✦✯ ★ Human Metal Sculptures Made From Tightly Welded Bicycle Chains By Korean Artist Seo Yeong Deok ★ ✯✦⊱ ❤️ ⊰✦✯ ★

The 1920s predicting life in the 1950s.

An exceptionally organized view of the future. All part of an architect's vision of the future city in 25 years - back then! Published in Popular Science magazine monthly issue of August 1925 and entitled "How you may live and travel in the city of


Pictures of the day: 1 March 2012

Funny animal pictures with captions. We have an assortment of funny animal pictures like penguins on the rocks and with captions.

Blue damselfly getting wet

Pictures of the day: 2 March 2012

This picture of an insect covered in dew moments after a downpour is part of Ondrej Pakan’s series of big-eye views from around the world. I hate bugs but this is a pretty cool picture.

Behind you...

Pictures of the day: 2 April 2012

A curious dolphin takes a look at a penguin at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, in California. Before long, the dolphin was joined by another three, who all stared at Fozzie the African penguin.

50 years of 007 style

50 years of James Bond, 50 years of style – in pictures

Funny pictures about The party doesn't start. Oh, and cool pics about The party doesn't start. Also, The party doesn't start.

Paws, courtesy of BeetleCam


A playful lion cub takes a swipe at BeetleCam by Bailey Will-Burrard Lucas

Happy clappers

Pictures of the day: 17 February 2012

3 California sea otters appear to do a synchronised swimming 'dance' after waking from a slumber off the coast of Moss Landing, California.

Sleepy otter

Pictures of the day: 12 April 2012

A California sea otter sleeps with its non-insulated paws held out of water. Michael Yang photographed the dozing animal in the calm waters of Elkhorn Slough in Moss Landing, California.

Sweeping up, 355m above the ground

The Aizhai suspension bridge in China – in pictures

Painter (note lack of safety rope) puts the finishing touches to the Anzhaite Long-span Suspension Bridge, the worlds highest brige, in Jishou, Hunan, China


Pictures of the day: 2 April 2012

A surfer named Sebastian Zietz, but more commonly known as Seabass, rides a huge wave on Hawaii's north shore and gets ejected high above the wave after wiping out