When you are thinking about new ways to get your boys mark making, you might want to try this one. White board markers on mirrors (or mirrored plastic sheeting). There are multiple skills involved in this activity but most of all it gets you some high level engagement and that means high level attainment!

whiteboard pens on mirrored plastic sheet love abc's "maximum engagement = maximum attainment" must remember that

using mini me on velcro to differentiate challenge in continuous provision #abcdoes #eyfs #continuousprovision

You complete the challenge below your Mini Me (moveable groups). When you have completed your challenge, your Mini Me gets a sticker! It is very easy to see who isn't visiting the challenge areas.

Love the idea of creating a little 'mini-me' for each of the children. Thanks for the idea ABCdoes

MINI-ME - Have the children bring in little yogurt bottles and attach a full length picture to create individual mini-mes.

Easy Stop Motion Animation for Beginners - TinkerLab

Easy Stop Motion Animation for Beginners

This Stop Motion Animation project is so easy to set up, and a great way to encourage STEAM concepts with children.

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