Tranquil garden walkway- Break up a plain lawn with an eye-catching walkway and…

BACKYARDS :: Tranquil Garden Walkway :: Break up a plain lawn with an eye-catching walkway and train climbing plants, like ivy and roses, to grow around it for a charming look.

Beautiful modern garden entrance...lavender plants

Echo of exposed structure from breezeway to guide entrance around side of house (ignore plans, path and materials! Option instead of side entrance

Shady side passage

Sideyard Shaded Garden Space Ideal for Feathery Ferns The space below overhead wooden beams in this narrow garden is the perfect place for feathery ferns and trailing plants that tumble over the garden wall.

Brick walkway under arbor, fruit tree, short hedge lines walkway, focus point beyond arbor

Love the curved path, lemon tree for side yard, small hedge (Outdoor Room Series: Patios + Balconies)

Love this entrance

north garden gate and fence. old transcom across the top? perfect where fence just needed to keep deer out. more pretty than hog fencing. fits criteria of 7 ft limit unobstructed). provides screening until tall shrubs fill in.

Garden corner with dual-purpose seating | Budget garden ideas | Garden | PHOTO GALLERY |

Garden corner with dual-purpose seating. This two-in-one garden seating also includes an overhead arbour. An arbour will make any garden feel special. Train plants around it for added character and choose colourful seat pads to create a comfy lounge area.

image James Bolton (built by Belderbos Landscapes) the Alchemilis Molis with the Aliums

image James Bolton (built by Belderbos Landscapes).like the Alchemilis Molis with the Aliums

craftsmidwales: LIVING WILLOW TUNNEL

This is a charming Living Willow Tunnel that I completed for Brookfields Childrens Nursury Powys to add to their play area.