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'her kiss felt like a loaded gun, wish I had held her longer wish I had held her longer.

Paul Fuentes é um designer mexicano que transforma o uso de objetos cotidianos em arte totalmente pop, surreal e nonsense. Inspire-se com seus mashups!

Objetos cotidianos transformados em arte nonsense. O mundo pop surreal de Paul Fuentes

(talk about strong)

Sometimes they dnt need to use gun.sometimes all they hav to do is say "i dnt love u.pls move on.let me live" trigger pulled.

You were issued the standard revolver and ratings for the day. Then you were kept in the camp till a man thought you pretty or weak enough to buy.

Roy Lichtenstein - used for Time's 'The Gun In America' issue

June 21, 1968: The Gun In America

Pop Art Heaven: Your Source for Primary Pop Art, Roy Lichtenstein, The Gun in America - cover illustration

#DADABOX #milkmagazine MY RUSTINE SHOT ME DOWN Source : Unknown

Box septembre 2014

of all - go ahead and bring a knife to a gun fight and tell me how well that works out for you. EVERYBODY knows you're all talk-you ain't gonna do shit you couldn't beat me on your best day bitch - so your "threats" are quite entertaining ;

Dave White is pop art in its prime

Dave White is pop art in its prime

Bang bang shot me down. bang bang i hit the ground. bang bang that awful sound .bang bang ma babe shot me downn downn downn.