The first Bauhaus wallpaper collection with 14 designs and 145 pages for the wallpaper season of the year The collection was characterised by fine line and dot patterns, as well as grids in light and friendly colours. BAUHAUS is INSPIRATION

Berlin Bauhaus poster by Warpeddhpc on deviantART

Bauhaus Movement I like the simplicity of this poster and the use of only two colours without looking empty or unfinished

Bauhaus nasceu para criar um movimento que interagisse com todos os tipos de arte, inclusive as que eram consideradas inferiores (artesanatos, como cerâmica, marcenaria e tecelagem). Por essa proposta, Walter Gropius ficou conhecido como "anárquico expressionista".

Bauhaus One of the most important art books of the twentieth century. “It may be considered as much a work of the Bauhaus as it is a work about it; even the typography and layout for the volume were designed by a former Bauhaus master.