Berlin Bauhaus poster by Warpeddhpc on deviantART

Bauhaus Movement I like the simplicity of this poster and the use of only two colours without looking empty or unfinished

Bauhaus nasceu para criar um movimento que interagisse com todos os tipos de arte, inclusive as que eram consideradas inferiores (artesanatos, como cerâmica, marcenaria e tecelagem). Por essa proposta, Walter Gropius ficou conhecido como "anárquico expressionista".

Bauhaus One of the most important art books of the twentieth century. “It may be considered as much a work of the Bauhaus as it is a work about it; even the typography and layout for the volume were designed by a former Bauhaus master.

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Joost Schmidt, Bauhaus exhibition poster, 1923.

Poster for the 1923 Bauhaus Exhibition in Weimar, lithograph, author: Joost Schmidt, Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin.

Bauhaus Exhibition poster, 1923

Arte Popular – La escalera de la Bauhaus, la maravillosa tierra de nadie

Poster by bauhaus

Bauhaus-style poster by Thomas Pena. The imagery is a simplified version of the Dessau branch of the Bauhaus School. The word "bauhaus" shows the 5 original weights of the typeface. A Bauhaus "D","G", and "Q" were used to create this logo.

Bauhaus – årets hetaste 93-åring – Sköna hem

Bauhaus: Art as Life Herbert Bayer Postcard No. 11 for the Bauhaus Exhibition in Weimar, summer, 1923 Colour lithograph on cardboard x cm Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin Photograph: Markus Hawlik © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, Germany

Bauhaus - Art as Life by The 100th Idiot, via Flickr

Bauhaus - Art as Life by The Idiot. Manipulating the geometric form of a triangle, reflects movement through the use of scaling of the shapes involved.

동작성이 있는 생물을 평면으로 해석한뒤, 그 윤곽에 맞게 기하도형을 투시선에 맞춰보자.

The shape of the rectangular boxes and the placement reminded me of the bauhaus with a twist on kinetic energy. He's running.