Angus Lillie
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paper bag drawing

Pencil drawing of paper bags in a card board material. The different surface helps communicate the texture of the image. Great line work and shading to illustrate the texture in the paper bags.

still life drawings - 17

Still life drawing subjects are mostly objects that don’t move and which are seen regularly in our lives.

HOP in drawing a still life. lesson plan for bottle drawings.

HOP in drawing a still life. lesson plan for bottle drawings. elementary art education how to draw still lifes

value study - use three colors in any shape/design. display as whole class project. show artists website for inspiration. each class use different color scheme. artist statement on back explaining reasoning of design. Jason Messinger Art: Vertical Murals from JasonMessingerArt

Grand Tour - Vertical ceramic tile wall art Mural from JasonMessingerArt: (think paintings.value study, whole class project)

<p>London-based illustrator is inspired by natural studies and the history of botanical art. Her beloved themes are fauna & flora, which she uses…

Katie Scott - Inspiration for the illustration component of More Than Stuff. Beautiful scientific style drawings with attention to detail. Would be interesting to explore the idea of using specimen sheets for some spreads within the book.