The Galloping Gardener: "Must See" British gardens - Wollerton Old Hall, Shropshire

Beautiful, painted, Gothic wooden gate and Wollerton Old Hall gardens Source: The Galloping Gardener Photography by Charlotte Weychan

It is perfectly permissible for a cottage to take 'roses around the door', to the extreme.

Pink climbing roses surround a cottage door in Dorset, England, almost definitely the entrance to a secret wonderland

little painted rocks to look like a turtle in the garden :)

One of my biggest frustrations in life is having our decent garden. Our yard is filled with plants but very unorganized. I was used to having lots of fruits trees within our compound and my grandmother just grew various plants

How to: build brick path.

Be it brick or cobbles, paving stones or tiles, if you're thinking of putting in a new path, now's the time to do it, says Monty Don