plant life photogram by watersedgechris, via Flickr

LEAVES Plant life photogram by Watersedgechris

this photogram includes all three different structures of : opaque, translucent and transparent materials. the light bulb creates such a detailed image.

This is my journey into photograms/rayographs: Sometimes I take photos without a camera. In other words: I develop photograms. In "wiki" words: A photogram is a photographic image made without a.


Alexander Rodchenko "Krisis," by Aleksandr Rodchenko, 1923 ( war / photography / art / collage / russian / soviet / photo montage )

coca cola bottle, creates another interesting effect and image

photograms - The way the glass laid and created a weird design shape from the scan is pretty interesting. I really liked the glass effect.

David Hockney

Mother, Bradford Yorkshire, 1982 composite polaroid, 56 x 23 in, David Hockney

Valerie Hammond, Garland (2010)  Photogram

fuckyeahamericanart: “ art-history: Valerie Hammond American, born 1952 Garland, 2007 Relief printed lithograph on handmade Kozo paper 72 x 48 in.


David Hockney Prehistoric Museum Near Palm Springs, 1982 photographic collage 84 x 56 in. i choose this photo because I liked the over exaggerated shadow and the black and white

More ideas
Christian Schad, "Amourette," 1918 // Dada schadographs <3

Amourette (Schadograph no. by Christian Schad A photogram - an image created from photographic processes, but not with a camera: .

Love Print Art Photogram 5x7 Romantic Love Photo - Wedding - Anniversary - Engagement - Sweetheart - Home Decor

Love Print Art Photogram 5x7 Romant

Love Print Art Photogram Romantic Love Photo - Wedding - Anniversary - Engagement - Sweetheart - Home Decor

photograms- can go into a point of contrast between harm and peace, the white acts out as innocence and the darker colours represents the harm, hatred appearing in the background.

I am definitely going to combine the darkroom techniques i have acquired in photography to my theme for art which is shadows.

László Moholy-Nagy : Photograms. Fotograma creativo, formas geométricas , fotografia é matriz do design gráfico. Moholy afasta-se das máquinas fotográficas e camaras e concentra-se na luz e na quimica.

László Moholy-Nagy : Photograms

Photogram Artist: Laszlo Moholy-Nagy Completion Date: 1939 Style: Dada Genre: photo Technique: photogram

Curtis Moffat (1887-1949). ‘Dragonfly’. Solarised gelatin silver print photogram. About 1930

Curtis Moffat 'Abstract Composition' About 1925 Gelatin silver print Museum no. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London/Estate of Curtis Moffat