KG Celtics Number 5

- Congrats to Kevin Garnett, the recipient of this year's Red Auerbach Award, given to a current player or coach that best exemplifies the spirit and meaning of what it is to be a Celtic.

The King of 'Threes', Ray Allen

Boston Celtics ‏ Ray Allen during warmups. He returns to the lineup tonight.

Paul PierCELTICS..enough said..

Great win last night Gents! Pierce knocks down two of his team-high 27 points in Boston's big win in Miami.

Paul Pierce - The Truth

Whether you are a Boston fan or not, attending a Boston sporting event is a must. Go Celtics!

the two legends

Bought my tickets for the friendly in Baltimore, MD today - just a few rows back from these lads :)

bleed green KG!

“Kevin go-ahead basket with 30 seconds left in game 6 vs the Bring on the