This is really nice packaging. I love how with each different flavor there is different art work but they all look similar in a way and you can tell that they are all the same drink, just different flavors. Very nice and very appealing.

New Packaging for Olvi Cider by Bond - BP&O

Closeup of Sailors Brew #beer #packaging PD - created via

Beer label "Sailors Brew"

Closeup of Sailors Brew beer packaging curated by Packaging Diva PD(Unique Bottle Design)

El Xitxarel·lo

El Xitxarel·lo Wine Label

Bloom Gin...Love this bottle. Can think of a million ways to use it!!

This is a very simple and nice bottle design. It's very straight to the point and very slick looking, but still visually appealing with the subtle designs on the bottle and on the neck.

Phoenix Organic Beverage

Phoenix Organic Beverage

This die cut label is a simple cut, but effect because it stands out from the rest of the straight cut labels. I also like the bottle cap and how it gives the feel of an old time metal pop top cap.

This is an awesome bottle design. I love how the text was incorporated into the artwork of the skull. Very nice use of contrast on the black background

Awesome skull designs, Part 3

Boneshaker Glow in the Dark Label Hahn Family Wines Wine Label & Package Design

Beck's Germany has introduced the Scratch Bottle, an aluminum covered bottle on which you can scratch any design, words or art with your fingernail.

Drink and Draw With Beck's Scratch Bottle


mastermind Japan x Fillico Water

Coolest & Creative Coca-cola Bottle Designs!

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