To celebrate World Heritage Day, we're celebrating some of the worlds top monuments and sites of cultural and architectural significance. The Taj Mahal, India is up there with the best. Have you visited it yet?

Celebrating India's Independence Day - photo essay

London Layers by Emmie van Biervliet - Mixed media on board 32 x 49ins

London Layers by Emmie van Biervliet - Mixed media on board 32 x Together/ Landscape/ City/ Urban/ Own composition/ Buildings/ Architecture

The colours of #India are endless!

Sunday brunch (60 photos)

Travel Inspiration for India - The colors of are endless! This grand entrance is great inspiration for a statement necklace.

Brian Hubble born Newport News Virginia 1978 is an American artist He received a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2001 and attended The Illus

Jaipur, India More

Photo (Cape Cod Collegiate)

GCSE Art architectural structure - mixed media sketchbook page by Samantha Li

A* GCSE Art Coursework: Sense of Place

These International GCSE Art sketchbook pages contains analysis of artist work and first-hand drawings of architectural structures on a ground of torn newspaper.

Valery Koshlyakov. High-rise on Raushskaya Embankment

Artist: Valery Koshlyakov - Title: High-rise on Raushskaya Embankment - Materials/Techniques used: Carboard, and Tempera paint - Inspires, Why? The different technqiues used and how it is placed is cool

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collage and mono print the different texture and colour background Picking key colours from landscape for collage background