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Host the Perfect BBQ Party with BKR Barbeque Grill
Portable and easy folding with a handle for easy carrying Multipurpose use such as BBQ, Grill, Outdoor BBQ, etc Heavy and durable grills made of metal to keep food close to the heat and ensure adequate cooking Comes with 8pc skewers set and grill gloves for safe grilling and BBQ Grab and Go locking lid with a convenient secondary grill or cooling rack Dimensions: 55x36x76 cm Fuel: Charcoal
BKR Manual Lawn Mower
Discover the BKR® 12" Side Wheel Manual Lawn Mower, a perfect blend of convenience, performance, and eco-friendliness, proudly made in India! This robust lawn mower offers an efficient and sustainable solution to maintain small to medium-sized lawns. Built with a special hardened cast iron frame and sturdy metal construction, the BKR Manual Lawn Mower is designed to deliver precise, smooth cutting results for a well-groomed lawn all year round.
four people sitting around a fire pit at night, with one person holding a wine glass
BKR FirePit
This stunning fire pit serves as a fire pit, ice bucket, and barbecue, providing the best atmosphere for your family and friends.