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a man and woman sitting at a table outside in the grass with a potted plant
Gardena ClickUp Flower Bowl
An absolute eye-catcher:- The ClickUp! FlowerBowl can lift your flowers to the next level on the high-quality Larchwood ClickUp! Handle, your planting is elevated towards the sky, providing an attractive focal point in your garden.
a man is spraying water on flowers with a garden sprinkler in his hand
a woman is mowing the grass in her yard with an electric lawnmower
Harvest with Ease, Enjoy with Every Reach – Gardena Fruit Picker, Your Orchard's Perfect Partner!
Gardena Fruit Picker: Effortlessly pluck the ripest fruits with our innovative design, reaching new heights in convenience. Elevate your harvest experience and savor the fruits of your labor, one effortless pick at a time.
a bird is perched on top of a bird feeder outside in the snow with trees and bushes behind it
Gardena Bird Feeder
By offering a variety of seeds, you not only attract a diverse range of bird species but also contribute to their well-being during the winter months.