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Jeanne Gang designed the Nature Boardwalk at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo: "It's a hyper-urban site, and yet it provides a space for a natural habitat." Photo by Michael Lewis

Net / Hasselt www.numen.eu

this is net a project by croatian-austraian design group numen/for use. with layers of netting hung is spaces, forming a 'floating landscape' open for visitors to climb and explore. a social art work. house of contemporary art, hasselt, belgium.


net by design collective numen consists of multiple flexible net layers suspended in air. The flat layers of the net are subsequently connected to one another on counterpoints forming a “floating landscape” open for visitors to climb in and explore.

This concept model uses basic shapes to create the foundation of an idea which seems like it would work.

Coral Frontiers, Towards a Post-Military Landscape, Intervention Mode