Matthew Harris | Factory. Cartoons for cloth - Mixed media on paper, bound with waxed thread.

Matthew Harris: Factory Notebook, Mixed media on paper bound with waxed thread, 25 x 40 cm

Matthew Harris Temple notebooks. Cartoons for cloth. Each approximately 19 x 26cm Mixed media on stitched paper.

Matthew Harris, Temple notebook, Mixed media on stitched paper, 19 x

Matthew Harris, Cloth Fragment 2

Matthew Harris, Cloth Fragment 2

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Matthew Harris...Lantern Cloth III

Lantern Cloth No III - Matthew Harris - pieced and stitched fabrics

Codex by Mathew Harris See blog post on Fragments, Scraps and Remnants

Temple Codex Cloth, Part II by Mathew Harris . See Mathew's website here . Mathew Harris was the first artist who came to mind for this .