Emma Parker, Stitch Therapy- Memory Threads "Collect your memories carefully; fold them up and bind them together with a strong thread; lest we forget the fragile beauty; hidden in today's moment.

Bags of Aggro - Kirsty Whitlock mixed media fiber. I like this piece because it includes an ordinary item which is transformed into a textile piece.

Stunning example of upcycling . gown made of recycled shirt collars by Junky Styling. Picture taken at Ethical Fashion Forum Booth, London Clothes SHow

crustpunk ghost - the diffenrence lies in combination, crustpunk is set from different parts, ghost ist just damaged - kirsty whitlock

Creative Compass, Royal Geographical Society, London, Maps from the Society’s collection together with newly commissioned map art from Agnès Poitevin-Navarre and Susan Stockwell.

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what is it about paper dresses that i love so? uk artist, jennifer collier fashions and frames them so sweetly. tea bag dress via heart handmade.

Understanding Thread Tension on Your Sewing Machine

Understanding Thread Tension: Tension devices and proper threading ~ VERY helpful. Learn how to use the tension devices on your sewing machine and how to thread for proper tension.