Lace Lines

Cas Holmes_Lace Flowers unfolding forms combining an old book on lace making with Kantfabriek lace and lace floral curtains.

Since I find this artistic, my artistic bone is clearly broken beyond repair. BUT WHATEVER <3

Bobby Doherty

Fine art by BOBBY DOHERTY- photography- "Crushed Cans"- no dimensions given. Glorious, acid-bright, still lives. I love the hard light and the contrast between the cans and the 'pastelly' background.

NYC/central park: aerial view.

Bird's Eye View Of New York City Central Park. See more amazing bird's eye view photographs from around the world and get top tips to do your own.

My oh My Grand #architecture Enjoy the repins from #7s #my7s #no7s

Stunning aerial view of the Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates. Dubai Marina is a canal city, built along a two mile stretch of the Persian Gulf shoreline. Photo by AirPano via archdaily (V)

Street art by Alexandre-Farto , Portugal

Amazing work by artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils ! Street art scratched directly into the wall surface !

Art Quilt Maps,,,I would like to do an aerial view of the neighborhood from childhood. or favorite areas maybe use Google Maps. Awesome ideas for Gifts.

Art Quilt Maps

Valerie S. Goodwin –– Your world, reimagined in visionary quilted maps Transform the places you love—and places you’ve always imagined or wanted to see—into hypnotic art quilts. Award-winning artist V

The amazing graffiti dresses from Moschino Fall 2015!

You Can Actually Buy the Crazy Moschino Collection Right Now

Pin for Later: You Can Actually Buy the Crazy Moschino Collection Right Now Moschino Fall 2015

The surcote/surcoat/tabard is a mainstay of LARPers because it is so simple. It can consist of a large rectangle with a T-shaped cut for your head to go through, or it can be a more tailored garment with gores and riding slits. It also looks good parti-coloured.

Basic Garb Patterns - Richmond Fantasy-Inspired Hiking and Camping (Richmond, VA) - Meetup

London, England

25 Cities Like You've Never Seen Them Before

Proshots - Aerial View of London at Night, England - Professional Photos

Always by Tilleke Schwarz #graffiti #embroidery Fascinating approach, a combo of thread, doodling, and graffiti. I would not have expected that this artist is a middle-aged woman like me!

Textile artist Tilleke Schwarz reflects on her love of embroidery threads, which types she uses in her work and why their selection is so important.