One Harsh Lesson - NaNo 2017 - Book 1
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After being disowned by his parents at seventeen, Blake Ophelia faces a hard few months. Forced into growing up with no warning, his depression spirals, and he's left doing everything he can to feel loved, to feel needed, to feel worth something.
When you realized you were in the exact place where you should be with a cup of hot coffee, him, and snow outside.

Random Inspiration 111

These are the things I love. These are the things that will come into my life

Epilepsy Etiquette. An epilepsy guide for people who DON'T have epilepsy #epilepsy

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Mont. Please read this Epilepsy Etiquette. An epilepsy guide for people who DON'T have epilepsy

I get told this at work basically every day. And this is my response haha >:)) - Why are you being mean? Are you just growly or are you being mean?

Harry Styles.. This happens to look just like the a cafe I went to in Chicago..

It's like Marcel and Harry combined!j<<< please lord Jesus , if I can't have on direction can I please have this equally as attractive human ?

"How'd you get the black eye?" "The world ain't all food and luxury over that fence ya know."

Cecellia- "Your eye!" Lil gasps and reaches for me. But I brush her off with a groan. "Whered we put that stupid mirror" I ask rumaging through a drawer. "What in heavens name happened!" She presses ignoring my demand" "Lil the mirror"

Provocatively Battered Portraiture - Peony Yip Renders Subjects with Black & Blue Bruises (GALLERY)

Provocatively Battered Portraiture

Bruised Peony Yip aka The White Deer (Hong Kong) - From Bruised series, 2012 Drawings