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an open door leading into a room with a large window and rug on the floor
Period Property with Traditional Sash Windows
Sash windows are a staple in traditional homes, offering both beauty and practicality 🪟 There are various types of sash window hardware, including: ⭐ Sash lifts ⭐ Sash stops ⭐ Hook fasteners ⭐ Fitch fasteners ⭐ Quadrant fasteners ⭐ Brighton fasteners Learn more about all these different types of sash window hardware in our "Guide to Sash Window Hardware" blog!
a potted plant sitting on top of a window sill next to a window
Window Furniture
This collection of @fromtheanvil Peardrop window furniture looks as good as it sounds! With a sleek, rounded shape, this style incorporates elegance and functionality for a winning combination.
a bed with white sheets and pillows in front of two windows that have plants on them
Window Furniture Ideas
From The Anvil's Antique Pewter Peardrop window fasteners are the perfect addition to these white, wooden windows 🪟 These fasteners are forged from mild steel, offering excellent strength and durability, alongside an abundance of character.
a living room with green walls and a chair in front of a window that has a clock on the wall
Sash Window Hardware
We love the parallel lines and sleek style of these sash windows. Enhance the look of your sash windows with @fromtheanvil new sash hardware collection. Have a look at the colour scheme mood boards in our previous posts for more inspiration!
a living room filled with furniture and a painting on the wall next to a window
Sash Window Furniture Ideas
Sash windows are made of two frames which slide over one another to open and close and are commonly found in Period properties. To keep sash windows looking and functioning their best, it's important to fit them with the correct hardware. Take a look at our full range of @fromtheanvil sash window furniture on our website.
a living room filled with furniture and a book shelf next to a window on top of a hard wood floor
Sash Window Furniture
We love the sash windows in this gorgeous townhouse as they act as an homage to the property's historic background. Windows this beautiful deserve hardware which is functional and fitting with their heritage - that's why we use @fromtheanvil for all our sash hardware!
Neutral bathroom with country views, featuring Aged Bronze window espagnolette handles and matching stays fitted on an off white timber window.
Aged Bronze Window Furniture
This luxurious bathroom is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath 🛁 Our Newbury window furniture frames this scenic view with a delicate design that will suit any setting! Discover the Newbury collection on our website!
Image of a window fitted with folded shutters painted in a muted grey, fitted with From The Anvil's Pewter Peardrop Espagnolette Handles offering a sense of simple sophistication. Scandinavian Window, Scandinavian Style Kitchen, Cottage Door
Neutral colours like this understated window frame are the ideal setting for Pewter Ironmongery ⭐ With their natural charm, these Peardrop Espagnolettes add a sense of calm and sophistication to this interior. Discover the full range of @fromtheanvil ironmongery on our website 👀
White timber window and frame fitted with From The Anvil's dark aged bronze finish fasteners and matching window stays for a traditional look. Fasteners, Luxury Windows, Window, Bronze, Hinton
Aged Bronze Fastener and Stay
Spring is the season for change, si if you've been thinking of upgrading your ironmongery now is the time to do so! From The Anvil's Aged Bronze Hinton fasteners have been used here to add a touch of elegance, paired with matching Hinton stays to trule elevate the look ✨