2023 Prize for Embroidery Inspiration

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psychesexual: “Disconjunction by Chad Knight ” Art, Design, Environmental Art, Digital Art, Futuristic Art, Artist, Cool Art, Amazing Art, Artwork
strange desire
psychesexual: “Disconjunction by Chad Knight ”
a man standing in front of a pile of yellow string art pieces on top of a wooden floor
Artist JeeYoung Lee Converts Her Tiny Studio Into Absurdly Elaborate Non-Digital Dreamscapes — Colossal
a man and his dog are standing in front of a spirally shaped structure with birds flying around it
Cinematic Artwork Illustrates Surreal Scenes from Futuristic Worlds
an abstract painting with blue and gold colors on a beige background that has wavy lines in the shape of mountains
The Seen and the Unseen — Tracie Cheng
the seen and the unseen - Tracie Cheng Art
an abstract painting with wavy lines in the sky and clouds above it, as if they were floating on water
Of Stories Past | New collection — Tracie Cheng
an abstract painting with lots of different things in it
Not Without My Ghosts: The Artist as Medium - Georgiana Houghton
Not Without My Ghosts: The Artist as Medium - Georgiana Houghton
an abstract painting with red, yellow and blue lines in the center on a white background
World Receivers - Announcements - e-flux
Georgiana Houghton, Flower of Samuel Warrand, Watercolor on paper. 1862
a painting of a man with long hair and beard holding something in front of his face
Meinrad Craighead
a black and white drawing of some animals
Wednesday’s woman … returning to Meinrad Craighead
a painting on the wall with words written in different languages and shapes, including circles
Hilma af Klint, the Spiritualist Painter Who Pioneered Abstract Art
an image of a painting with two women and one man holding hands in front of them
an abstract painting with white feathers and red, yellow, green, orange and blue colors
Hilma af Klint: Painting with Spirits – Fulgur Press
a drawing of a woman sitting at a table
Madge Gill
an old piece of cloth with many different colors and patterns on it's surface
The Clouds Will Burst and the Sun Will Shine Again
a painting of two hands holding each other in the shape of a heart with an om symbol painted on it
Ajna - third eye, blue hand, chakra mudra. Poster by Silk Alchemy
Ajna - third eye, blue hand, chakra mudra. Poster by Silk Alchemy. All posters are professionally printed, packaged, and shipped within 3 - 4 business days. Choose from multiple sizes and hundreds of frame and mat options.
a drawing with many people in it
Exhibitionist: the week's art shows in pictures
an eyeball is shown in black and white
Sylvain Gaussens - 3D Artist & Art Director - EXPERIMENTS
the sun shines through dark clouds over mountains
live an extraordinary life
an abstract pattern with blue, orange and yellow colors
Innervision, Zouassi, Digital, 2019
Innervision Zouassi Digital 2019
Boris Bidjan Saberi Sunsets, Sunrise, Beautiful Pictures
Boris Bidjan Saberi
an abstract pattern made up of colorful lines
September Storm by Zouassi, Digital
an all seeing eye surrounded by stars and clouds
A Cabinet of Curiosities — Ginna Christensen
Buddhism, Buddhist, Intricate, Buddhist Art, Goddess, Thangka, Thangka Painting
Goddess Practices for Abundance and Prosperity with Yellow Tara by Brandi Auset
the sun, moon and stars are drawn in gold on a dark blue background with white lines
Pin de joanna castillo em My Grimoire em 2022 | Cartazes vintage, Arte complexa, Wallpapers boni… | Phone wallpaper patterns, Witchy wallpaper, Art wallpaper iphone