LED Illuminated Handrails

LED lighting can produce amazing Illuminated Handrail results. LED inserts for handrails can be used for external or internal staircase applications. For…
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a close up of the handlebars on a blue and white bike with trees in the background
Closeup of LED lighting
Close up of LED inserts in blue handrail at Greenwich Pier #handrail #LED #Lighting
a walkway with railings leading to a boat in the water at night time,
Illuminated Handrail at Greenwich Pier
Illuminated Handrails at Greenwich Pier. LED inserts inside the handrail provide a beautifully lit walkway. #pier #handrails #led #lighting #nightime
a surfboard mounted to the side of a wall with two lights on each end
LED illuminated handrails can also be used indoors, Dimming and emergency options are also available http://www.handrailsuk.co.uk/illumine
a blue car parked on the side of a road next to a brick wall at night
Illumine works by securely fixing individual LED INSERTS into the steel core of the handrail http://www.handrailsuk.co.uk/illumine
the stairs are lit up at night and there is no one on them in the room
Illumine LED illuminated handrails provide direct lighting to stairs and walkways for both internal and external applications. http://www.handrailsuk.co.uk/illumine