Lovely relaxing lavender sensory play activities

5 lavender sensory play activities

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Sensory Play with Rosemary Rice

Add Rosemary to rice to create a fabulous sensory play experience, important to the brain development of young children.

Via ANGELA @gardenangel2 Article: Introducing your toddler to garden scent using mason jars and items from your garden and food store. Montessori Inspired Scent Jars

DIY Montessori Inspired Scent Jars

The Sensory Soup Kitchen - fresh herbs, flowers, stones and shells.

Outdoor Sensory Play - exploring herbs

Have you got a rescue-remedy for when Christmas-crazed kids need a chill out? This is mine! Just made a batch and stashed it away for emergencies. It also smells wonderful - just like Christmas.

Christmas Day play dough recipe

The perfect play dough for your classroom this Christmas. It's great for sensory play, making the alphabet, pre-writing mark making, chilling out Christmas-crazy kids (!) and it smells just like Christmas. Maybe my favorite ever dough!

Herbal play dough (",)

Herbal Playdough

Ideas for oils and herbs to add for aromatic playdough.

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