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a white background with the words you're about to be happier than you've ever been, watch god's next move it's going to blow your mind
a black and white photo with the words as bad as you want to address it, sometimes it's best to let god defend you he saw too
an iphone screen with a quote on it that reads,'when it hit me things that kept me awake at night the things that i was
the words lord make me better my attitude, my approach, my mind, my reactions amen
two sunflowers with the words my wish and god's plan on them
the text reads and when god opens this next door, you're going to understand why the enemy fought you so hard
the words are written in black and white on a white background that says, dear god, please make my days useful, my rights restful, my home peaceful
the words lord trust your time, your plans, your will
Jonalyn San Diego on Instagram: "“No one whose hope is in you, Lord, will ever be put to shame.” (Psalm 25:3) So tell your doubts, fears, and worries a spoiler today, “my God wins.” 🙌🏻"
a green background with the words prayer, i am grateful i can rely on you