Untitled by British artist, photographer & writer Charlotte Cory (b.1956) "best known for her Visitoriana - a complete, fantastical, wholly convincing alternative 19th Century. A post-Darwinian universe of reworked, recycled, collaged and montaged Victorian photography and taxidermy in which the animals are clearly in charge." Text from the artist's bio on her site. via Body of Art

', by Charlotte Cory, published by Black Dog Publishing. The image-led compendium of animal portraits superimposed onto Victorian Carte-de-visite

Magazine: Schön  Issue: #19  Beauty: Elias Hove |Jed Root|  Makeup Assistant: Jemma Bowles  Installation: Tessa Farmer  Production: Antony Burger

Elias Hove for Schön Magazine

© polly morgan

Polly Morgan > Hide and Fight > 2012 > Taxidermy and mixed media > 140 x 201 x 140 cms

Tessa Farmer  Little Savages 2007

Crazy sculptural art of Tessa Farmer

Magazine: Schön  Issue: #19  Beauty: Elias Hove   Makeup Assistant: Jemma Bowles  Model: Jaz Wasson   Installation: Tessa Farmer  Production: Antony Burger  Website: eliasmakeup.com

"The Swarm": a beauty story by makeup artist Elias Hove and installation artist Tessa Farmer for Schön!

Tessa Farmer

Made from desiccated insect remains, dried plant roots, and other organic ephemera, Tessa Farmer’s tiny sculptures give a glimpse into the world of fairies.

Tessa Farmer

The surreal world of artist Tessa Farmer whose work depicts small animals being tormented by minute evil fairies. Part of English Heritage's Extraordinary Measures Exhibition.

UK artist Shauna Richardson loops yarn into uncanny taxidermy sculptures

Artist crochets taxidermy specimens, wildlife rejoices

The World's Largest Crochet Sculpture & Crochetdermy by Shauna Richardson.

Polly Morgan

Go see this: Polly Morgan Endless Plain at All Visual Arts

tessa farmer

Tessa Farmer is a sculptor who has created an intricate, underground world ruled by violent gangs of insect-sized skeleton fairies. little-savages-tessa-farmer