Border Terrier - Grizzle and Tan

Border Terrier - It's hard to go wrong with a breed that was the favorite of James Herriot. Developed in northern England, the Border Terrier was used to hunt foxes that preyed on farmers' livestock. It became a favorite hunt terrier, working with packs o

Border Terrier alert, active, moves around, good tempered and affectionate in the home. Must have exercise, brushing. Good with children

One of my Border Terrier puppies first day outside. One of the first picture's taken on my new sony

Border Terrier puppies- best dogs in the whole wide world.

Incredibly cute, funny and adorable pictures showing animals from around the world with their baby human owners. or do they own the baby humans?

Border terrier

Douglas Wayne on

Just one little pet when you get a chance, I don't want to bother, Please.Border terriers' are such Eeyores!

Border terrier puppies are the bestt

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A exploratory #BorderTerrier getting muddy paws... #dog #river

I need to get this for andie! So she can wear a coat with Lucy and buster!

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