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I finally started watching Sherlock today, and I'm already in love! Goodbye social life, good grades, and a goodnight sleep. With Sherlock and Doctor Who, I'll never be the same.

"They keep putting this blanket on me. Why do they keep putting this blanket on me?" "You could be in shock." "I'm not in shock." *figures out John killed the guy* "Don't listen to anything I just said. I'm in shock. See, I have a blanket.

This is perfection. (Even though Sherlock was doing it to protect John and himself, so they could get away together, it still is pretty hilarious)

Sherlock doesn't understand the concept "I'd like to say the gun is not my idea! Hostage is good too.">> srry i dont want to mix fandoms but not rly that sorry. This reminded me of page But sherlock doesnt kill his best friend.