Terribly tiny tales

Mom, she's just my good friend. Mumma, Kush is just my old friend nothing more. Both were lying.

That thing called love

20 Scribbled Stories That Perfectly Describe The Complexities Of Love

Terribly Tiny Tales

One day we'll walk under one umbrella in the rain to our home Helen

Narendra Malaviya from Mumbai writes a [ 140 ] on #describe  Presenting tales of the community, curated by the community, for the #Community.  To send yours, write in at terriblytinytales.com/submit  Terribly Tiny Tales™ - Submit  Inspiration may come from anywhere. But what matters is where it finally goes ______ 'I love you’ creates magic in 10 characters. ‘Abracadabra’, in 11.  Here’s us adding a few more, and creating it in [ 140 ]  Your very own tales. Terribly tiny, as they’ve always…

After all no combination of 26 letter can describe "Mother".

train by Sreshtha

Crazy bird, she was. Only flew when no one watched. None could keep her. All failed to train her. Funny name she had.

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