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an old wooden box on stilts in a building
Cuba’s ‘Kcho’ Shows Works at Havana Gran Teatro - Havana Times
Art by Alexis “Kcho” Leyva Machado in the Grand Theater of Havana, Cuba ..."this new exhibition by Kcho expresses the commitment to hope and solidarity around what we are defending in Cuba…(quote by Abel Prieto)
an empty warehouse with lots of windows and no one in the room or on the ground
Ghostly pictures of urban decay show the country's most eerie corners
Inside view of Fisher Body, an automobile coachbuilder founded by the Fisher brothers in 1908 and was closed in mid 1990's, in Detroit, Mich...
a garden path with white stepping stones and blue flowers on either side, surrounded by greenery
Lay a Stepping Stones and Path Combo to Update Your Landscape - HomeDesignInspired
If you want to get nice feel every time and leave a lasting impression on your visitors when visit your garden, then you could consider laying a stepping stone and pathway combo in it. Walkways are an integral part of every garden and they are not only functional parts, they can easily become a decorative [...]
a stone path in the middle of a garden with grass growing on both sides and bushes to the side
Garden World Images
Pathway. Would look nice to neighbors. Can mow over. Now just need grass this nice!
several stepping stones are lined up on the gravel
Final Project: Zenic Growth: Part 2
Rocks in a Zen garden represent islands, mountains, or other land mass. They symbolize calmness and mindfulness.
a room filled with lots of wooden chairs in it's walls and sculptures hanging from the ceiling
Juxtapoz Magazine - Ai Weiwei's "Bang" @ 2013 Venice Art Biennale
Ai Wewei's art installation of 886 hanging wooden stools taken from schools that collapsed during the devastating 2008 earthquake in China.
a wooden table with chairs and a white object on it's back end in the middle
Sarah Lucas
Sarah Lucas - The Pleasure Principle (2000) Chairs, neon tube, light bulbs and underwear
an open cardboard box with stairs painted in different colors and shapes on the bottom half
Studio Chiaozza, combining the everyday and the extraordinary
Studio Chiaozza, combining the everyday and the extraordinary.
a sculpture made out of wooden slats hanging from the ceiling
Females in Dalton, GA. Horny women exciting sex.
Marc André Robinson Right Of Return (By Themselves and Of Themselves)
a room filled with lots of different types of objects hanging from it's ceiling
Independent Gazette: Damián Ortega and Can Altay
Damian Ortega - Suspended Living Room
three different types of furniture sitting on top of a cement floor next to each other
Isabel + Helen
Creative duo Isabel & Helen Fabulous set design Interactive installation for the V, a playground celebrating the constructivist design movement.