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three different posters with the words keep your eyes peeled and an eyeball on them
Creating movie magic with MinaLima graphic designer, Propella…
Creating movie magic with MinaLima graphic designer, Propella Woodward
Vintage, Décor, Retro, Miniature, Inspiration, Resim, Pins, Deco, Sanat
Through a Grandmother's Eyes
an advertisement for retro ads from the 1950's, with different styles and colors
Ephemera: "Kodak Depot." Lahore Vintage Cameras, Kodak Film, Ephemera, Kodak, Old Ads, Vintage Graphics
Ephemera: "Kodak Depot." Lahore.
Ephemera: "Kodak Depot." Lahore
an advertisement for ovationine with a woman sleeping in a bowl on top of it
the alphabet is letters
an old advertisement for lemonade with the eiffel tower in the back ground
eiffel tower- vintage poster-french
an old poster with the words simmons's liverer and regulator on it
Lettering, Vintage Ads, and Event Posters image inspiration on Designspiration
J. H. Zeilin & Company / Simmons Liver Regulator | Sheaff : ephemera #lettering
an advertisement for the texibone moulder, which was advertised in 1897
King George