Mixed Media Photography by Aliza Razell                                               I got Dragon Wings

What Type Of Wings Should You Have?

The mixed Media picture by Aliza Razell is really interesting. The colors make the photos pop.

Lorena Cosba | Possibility with students-a self portrait, and a contrasting image to show what's underneath.

2015 Topic #11: Hidden Objects {Challenge}

Lorena Cosba contrasting image of old and young

bubble popping sequence: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1199149/Super-slow-motion-pictures-soap-bubble-bursting-stunning-detail.html

Super-slow-motion pictures show soap bubble bursting in stunning detail

How to do Super-Slow-Motion-Pictures-Soap-Bubble-Bursting Photography

Age Maps by Bobby Neel Adams

Image of Bobby Neel Adams - Christian (Age-Map Series)

Mohamed Talaat Photography

double exposure by Mohamed Talaat black and white, portrait, city

Irwin Piper taking his sheep for slaughter by James Ravilious © Beaford Arts, 1981

The photographs of James Ravilious’s Devon, although only taken in the show vivid scenes that seem to come from a bygone age

Jean Pickard leading her flock by James Ravilious © Beaford Arts

Beaford Archive documents north Devon's land and people as the Century moved towards its closing chapters. A unique collection of images of rural life in the and