oh chuckie

This is how I feel about my life, majority of the time. Rugrats: "It's going to take years, maybe even months of hard work. I don't have that much time Angelica, I have to take my afternoon nap"

Anybody remember this shit?

Do you remember Lowly worm from The Busy World of Richard Scarry ? Well, I crafted the above Lowly worm from bits of felt, denim and but.

27 Reasons To Love The '90s

best show ever?!

A favorite! Dinosaurs TV Show. -- Not the momma!

classic fisher price roller skates! i could work these nowadays.

What my first pair of roller skates were! Weird how one picture can bring back memories you forgot you had. Fisher Price roller skates from the or i still have mine!

farmer duck

"Farmer Duck" by Martin Waddell, Helen Oxenbury - Duck stories are awesome.

owl babies

The Paperback of the Owl Babies (Candlewick Press Big Books Series) by Martin Waddell, Patrick Benson, Waddell

mike and angelo

Nostalgia website covering various TV programmes and films that other sites may have overlooked.

mate. yes. mr frosty was the best thing ever! wonder if i can buy one now...

Feeling instantly cooled down when you ate a Mr Frosty ice crunchie.