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Do you know your sh*t? Here's what your poop can tell you about your health . Just have to change the sh*t to poop and could use in health sci

Stately delphiniums are the backbone of this colorful cottage garden plan.

This once formal garden has been turned into a cottage garden by tucking flowers between the sculpted shrubs. - My Cottage Garden

Create your own Cottage Garden

Really useful Cottage Garden Plant infographic from The Enduring Gardener. - My Cottage Garden

Did you know that food can be a natural anti-inflammatory? Many common foods can help with inflammation.

Not a recipe but a useful summary Anti-inflammatory Foods — YOGABYCANDACE. Not meant as medical advice or treatment. Always ask your doctor before changing your diet or exercise routine.

DIY Kids Outdoor Playset Projects

DIY Kids Outdoor Playset Projects A roundup of 12 of the best projects we could find - with tutorials! Forget the kids, the top place would be perfect for me!

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Garden corner with dual-purpose seating. This two-in-one garden seating also includes an overhead arbour. An arbour will make any garden feel special. Train plants around it for added character and choose colourful seat pads to create a comfy lounge area.