Great reference displayed in a quirky way

"The Periodic Table of Typefaces: For all my font geek friends. (And yes, I have more than one font geek friend.)" My Notes: For all you lovers of typefaces and science

Lean Beef Campaign

Lean Beef Campaign

Cute packaging!

Created by Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, the juice box’s packaging is supposed to be more appealing to the eye by imitating the actual fruit they contain. The fold on the banana is.

Lean Beef Campaign

Untitled image for the "Land of Beef" campaign by Paris-based American photographer Peter Lippmann. via my brand friend

Cute packaging

I really like this packaging design for it's creative use of the "C" and "i" in "Cider" to create a winky face. The choice of text really emphasizes this effect and makes the face appear both animated and playful.

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