6/2014 Cathedral and Shambles Square, Manchester, we enjoy the beer there

Manchester Cathedral and Shambles Square viewed from Manchester's observation wheel. My Grandad proposed to my Gran Dorothy at the pub in the bottom left corner.

Manchester clock, England, UK

The Manchester clock in England, central UK near Liverpool

The Trafford Centre – Manchester, England

The Trafford Centre – Manchester, England My partner & I just loved the crazy.vulgar garish OTT design of this huge centre. But not souless like other centres. We would wander around it and just take in the people & colours, the

Historic Reading Room of the John Rylands Library, Manchester, UK. http://www.library.manchester.ac.uk/deansgate/

John Rylands Library, Manchester, England, A Victorian Gothic building and holds many illuminated manuscripts including a copy of the Gutenberg Bible

John Rylands Library, Manchester, England  http://sunnydaypublishing.com/books/

The Reading Room, John Rylands Library, Manchester. -whoever john rylands is, I'm about to go to England and marry his ass so I can use his library lol

Manchester Central Library

Manchester Central LIbrary - One of my favourite buildings in the world.