so simple, yet so genius.

MOM Tip: No more searching around behind your desk or night stand for your phone charger. Just stick the end of your charger into one of these binder clips and clip it to your desk or night stand. This tip from the Pampered Mom.


Whale Painting Series of 3 for a baby nursery, kids room or playroom (each panel 5x7"), Made to Order

This is a great idea for any sort of DIY artwork: trace a simple graphic onto three canvases, and paint. So much more esthetically pleasing than if you were to just trace and paint onto one canvas. Plus i love the whale idea for a little boy room :)

DIY cat planters from plastic bottles

Diy: Kitty Planters from Plastic Bottles

DIY : Kitty planters from plastic bottles. Adorable cat planters made out of painted upcycled plastic bottles

Bee's World Crewel Embroidery

The Bees World crewel embroidery kit includes pre-printed fabric, yarns, and a needle. Full printed instructions with stitches too are included. Thanks for visiting The Floss Box on Etsy

sketchbook inspiration

becca stadtlander & sketchbooks are very appealing to me, in that they are often kept private (not here, obviously). The idea of making art for one& own enjoyment with no immediate intent to display & there& something wonderful about that.


love for finns room ~ Daisychain ABCs Crewelwork Sampler Kit ~ posie rosy little things / Alicia Paulson