The Goonies

The Goonies. Just shared the Goonies movie experience a few weeks ago with my oldest son.its the little things.

Ghibli <3

Durarara Trust Me with Studio Ghibli characters: Miyazaki by *Mikomi-sama on deviantART

Disney's new short! Paperman - Full Animated Short Film

Disney Posts Oscar Nominated "Paperman" Online In Its Entirety

Paperman - Full Animated Short Film If you didn't see Wreck-it-Ralph, you NEED, ABSOLUTELY NEED to watch this short. quite possibly one of the best animated shorts I have ever seen out of Disney! I wish my bro could have seen it.

totoro time

Fanart de Totoro (I should combine this with the "totem pole from mini pringle cans" idea)

Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service a Japanese animated fantasy film produced by Studio Ghibli. It was written, produced and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.