Liberty fabric building wrap - Carnaby Street entrance to Liberty's London store. I will go here and shop!

going underground

u for underground: As a typophile, I've been drooling over Paul Thurlby's alphabet for some time now. There are three letters, in particular, that I'd like to buy and put on my walls in a group. I love Thurlby's graphic and clever style!

London vs NYC infographic

London vs NYC Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Travel category. Check out London vs NYC now!

These travel posters of Delilah Dirk by artist and author Tony Cliff are just full of fun and adventure. The posters were created to promote the comic book Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant.

DELILAH DIRK Travel Posters by Tony Cliff

The last of three new Delilah Dirk "Travel Posters." Previously: Verdant Enlgand [link] and Portugal Walking Tours [link] Delilah Dirk 'Travel Poster' - CIVILIZED LONDON

Fornum & Mason on Piccadilly ,# London

Fortnum and Mason (Piccadilly, London, UK) : Historic London Store and Restaurant