This is no Fahrenheit 451 - just store your books in the fire place if you’re no longer using it for its original purpose. Adds an eclectic touch to the room

Book Storage Solutions — Domino on Automatism

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Fire place lust.

The Intentional Apartment: 10 Quick and Easy Tips for Stepping Up Your Game

From Stanley, our contributing market editor: "blue planked walls, fireplace, antlers, and a gingham folding screen." Love this.clever to go dark on the walls and white for the fireplace mantel.

@zavendedeian Bad ass fire place... #gettycenter (Taken with instagram)

@zavendedeian Bad ass fire place... #gettycenter (Taken with instagram)

The Aestate, fire place

Raji Radhakrishnan - Kips Bay ~ Loving the Photo Mural of King's Chapel in Versailles ~ The juxtaposition between the old and new!


Woodworker: Mario Rodriguez The face of this mantel is made up entirely of triangular sections laid horizonatlly and wraapping neatly around the corners.