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Cadbury, aside form being my favourite chocolate to snack on, is a brand that definitely sells the sizzle, not the sausage with it’s ultra iconic purple – you don’t even need the chocolate to know exactly what you’re looking at – pure joy (which is, after all, exactly what chocolate is!)
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Vintage Cadburys wrappers

Graham and Brown 57218 Darcy Wallpaper, Pearl

christmas selection boxes - I remember these prices, and how we had been ripped off on the change to decimal currency!

This 1950s Cadbury Chocolate ad is really stirring up my sweet tooth! chocolate 1950s ad vintage

A few boxes of Cadbury Chocolates will be given out this Valentines Day. This advert from the promotes the "thickly covered with Cadbury's Milk Chocolate" boxes of Cadbury Chocolates.

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