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pumpkin spice latte is on display in a store window with flags and bunting
May 26, 2016 at 04:12PM
Tis the season for spicy warm drinks and cozy oversized sweaters!
an orange sweater with flowers sticking out of it's back pocket, next to a pair of jeans
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in need of a cute yellow sweater collection and some high waisted jeans
a woman's hand with three rings on it and a flower in the middle
Bullet journal
a bowl of macaroni and cheese with an avocado cut in half
On the Menu: Dorm Cooking - Mac & Cheese 2 Ways
On the Menu: Dorm Cooking - Mac & Cheese 2 Ways - Urban Outfitters - Blog
Gaelle on Flickr.
Gaelle on Flickr. (I don't want realism.)
Gaelle on Flickr.
a naked woman in the woods bending over
Has Lady Gaga taken gaga too far? Singer appears in bizarre video by
a woman sitting on a couch in front of a window with sunlight streaming through it
NEW YEAR, NU YOU: THE SPIRITUAL DETOX This one's for @Lauren Wood
a woman standing in front of a sink next to a counter with oranges on it
Urban Outfitters
LA Home
a woman sitting at a table in front of a laptop computer
a person holding a branch with the words respect nature and it will provide you with abundance
The Glass Slipper
". . . the trees would guide us as they have guided you to me. We believe that the trees are our gods, our protectors." --The Creaking Tree (Marquette)
two beautiful young women sitting on top of a bed drinking from mugs in front of their faces
If me and my besties took this pic Tea, coffee, and hot chocolate would b in those mugs♥