Vintage Snoopy thermos flask - My first lunchbox was THIS - the lunchbox itself was vinyl and buttoned with a goldtone twist clasp. This is the exact thermos.


Snoopy thermos flask, i had a Garfield one. These were Soooo leaky! Pink Quosh in my sandwiches every day!

Plasticine. Didn't smell as good as Play Doh :(

Loved playing with this stuff but why did it always end up brown when you mixed the colours together?

Cadbury's Creme Egg - 1970's wrapper, the wrapper is now only blue, yellow and red, they have removed the green (in the UK).

Cadbury's Creme Egg - wrapper, the wrapper is now only blue, yellow and red, they have removed the green (in the UK). They also taste different now that Cadbury's have sold out to the Americans - I will never eat one again!

Very popular drink from my childhood.

Tastes of holidays in Weymouth days on the beach lunch from Hamiltons ham salad and a can of Lilt ☺ Happy old days was always sunny too 🌞

Smiths Monster Munch Roast Beef Crisps 1988. Still love these- especially pickled onion flavour!

Smiths Monster Munch Roast Beef Crisps Still love these- especially pickled onion flavour!

Jacob's Fruit Club biscuit wrapper from the 80s                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Jacob's Fruit Club biscuit wrapper from the When I was a kid and stayed at my Nans we would always have a sandwich and a club for supper. Years later we'd have a penguin bar instead.

Matey Bubble Bath, remember this well, added it to my kids bath for several years xx

Spelling computer

OMG i remember having one of these Major Minor musical toy. I don't see the cards that went into the empty window to give you the code for playing music.

BBC Test card. Waiting for kids tv to start on a Saturday morning..... !!

The iconic BBC test card F, starring Bubbles the Clown: terrifying viewers since 1967

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Lucozade in orange film wrapping. Strictly only allowed if you were genuinely ill.

My mum always made us drink this is we had a day off sick from school. Lucozade in orange film wrapping. Strictly only allowed if you were genuinely ill.

Sweet wrappers over the years - Page 23

Given these as a prize at school sports day and cried because I wanted jelly tots instead. I never forgave Tooty Frooties.

Cadburys Miniatures Chocolate Machine- 2p each!

Cadbury – Mini chocolate vending machine I wanted one of these as a kid. But mum said once you have eaten all the mini bars of chocolate you couldn't get any more:( she was totally lying.

Children's shoes before the flashing lights, butterfly patterns and dinosaur footprints!

Clark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia These were the shoes I wore in elementary school! I loved these shoes!

fuzzy felts!  I'd forgotten all about these.  I LOVED these!

Vintage/retro toy FUZZY-FELT 'PICTURES' Made in England I had one of these. I also have a newer one in my storeroom at school-must get it out for the kids!

Playschool. Big Ted, Little Ted, Jemima, Hamble and Humpty. I remember rushing home from school to watch  Playschool every day after school! It was fun guessing the windows. Sheli

TV - Playschool - Little Ted, Jemima, Humpty, Big Ted and Hamble.

Did you have one of these toys when you were a child?

Loved pressing the little button that shot the drawer out of the till :) hours of fun playing shops :-)


Recorder - I had this model. Had to learn it in school. The course was called recorder karate and we got colored string tied to our recorders as belts when we played a song with less than three mistakes.

Ice magic. Basically~ witchcraft.

Ice Magic - Ooo I remember this :-) we had it as a treat, when you poured the sauce onto your ice cream it went hard like a chocolate shell mmmmmmm ;

1970s MUNCH BUNCH PENCIL TOPPER ORANGE (one of a series that came from a cereal packet)

MUNCH BUNCH PENCIL TOPPER ORANGE - This came up in a search for something else, but how cool. I had this exact topper, I also had that pencil or one that looked very similar!

3-D back in the day by katharine

Oh yes, my viewmaster -- LOVED IT! I actually still have my viewmaster and many of my original reels. One of the few things I have from my childhood. Comment if you had a viewmaster too!

All nostalgic retro items are wanted by the-toy-exchange -

Cadbury Wildlife Bar Wrappers I loved these! I had completely forgotten about them until now as well! To think I was mocking people for keeping the crisp packets with spice girls on but you couldn't get me to part with one of these!

Thames tv logo.      I will never forget this logo and the theme song that went with it . My father a long with my very young husband watched ( world at war) all the time .

Thames tv logo - I remember seeing this at the end of The Benny Hill Show

Remember this weird stuff like having an electric shock on your tongue when you ate this.

I think I was banned from eating this as there were rumours that some kids died from it! It was a kind of orange sherbet dust that popped and sizzled in your mouth. Would it pass health and safety standards in this day and age? Unlikely!

My primary school teacher used to give everyone 3 toffos every Friday.highlight of the week!!

Toffos were chewy toffee sweets that came in several versions. A standard toffee flavoured version, assorted mixed flavours and a mint one. The mixed pack contained banana, chocolate, strawberry and toffee.