The sizzling Food Hamburger logo, a few down.. The circle design with the rectangle in the center is a neat idea..

6 Free Customizable Retro/Vintage Logos & Emblems

Corn Flakes: Corn Flake packet in the 1950s I much prefer this to the current one!

Kellogg Corn Flake packets since the 1950s

New Logo and Packaging for Blanchard's by Skirven & Croft

Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Company redesign by Skirven & Croft. Via BrandNew. This identity creates a homely feel with the circles and more subdued color that could reflect the coffee beans.


Hawt Sauce Telegramme Studio presents, HAWT SAUCE, the first in a series of collaborations we have teamed up with small upstart Holloway Kitchen to produce this limited edition, extra thick hot sauce.